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First Flights

Our story begins when Captains John J. Correa and Herson Cárdenas meet on the VATSIM network. They decide to create a group of Colombian Virtual Pilots, hoping to connect with other people who share their passion.

Nov 11th 2009
First Official Flight

After a few days, with a larger group, the pilots John Correa, Herson Cárdenas, Diego Sarmiento, Luis Sierra, and Juan S. Jiménez, who would be the official founders, made the first group flight from Simón Bolívar Airport in the city of Santa Marta (SKSM) to Tocumen Airport in the city of Panama (MPTO), thus defining the name "Pilotos Virtuales Colombianos - PIVICO", with which the group would be identified.


The characteristics of the aeroclub are defined:

  • Callsign: "PIVICO"
  • Identifier: "PVC"
  • Slogan: "The virtual wings of Colombia, in the world"
First Logos and Textures
Jan 14 2010
Haiti Virtual Humanitarian Flight
From different Colombian cities with loads of aid for the people of Haiti in the 2010 earthquake.
29 May 2010
Virtual trip to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa
Sep 10th 2011
San Buenaventura
San Buenaventura Univeristy

Virtual aviation meeting, organized by the University of San Buenaventura

EuroPivico Tour
Nov 26th 2011
1st Meeting

First group meeting, celebration of the 2nd anniversary.

Sep 14th 2012
Compensar Fair
2012 Texture

Development of virtual teaching projects, private connection network (PIVINET) and first published tours of the airline.

3rd Anniversary

2013 Textures
Events' Fridays

Events campaign where every Friday a destination in Colombia was chosen to encourage network flying.


Apr 20th 2013
Panamerican VFR Tour

Begining of the Pan-American VFR tour, from Alaska to Patagonia.


Pivico Cockpits

Cockpits built by our pilots taking flight to a higher level of professionalism.



Nov 11 2013
4th Anniversary

2014 Texture
Mar 24th 2014
Spotting & BBQ

Spotting meeting at the threshold of runway 13R - SKBO and BBQ.

Jun 11 2014
2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil

Heading to the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

Ago 20th 2014
III Virtual Aviation Conference in Colombia
Events y Tours

Nov 15th 2014
5th Anniversary

Jul 10th 2015
F-Air 2015
6th Anniversary

...and marriage of one of our captains...


Nov 11th 2016
7th Anniversary
Jul 15th 2017
F-Air 2017
Nov 11th 2017
8th Anniversary

2018 Texture
Jun 16th 2018
2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

Jul 7th 2018
Le Tour de France VFR
11 Nov 2018
9th Anniversary
Jul 11th 2019
F-Air 2019
Nov 11th 2019
10th Anniversary

A decade in the virtual skies.


Aeronautical Discussions

Beginning of the aeronautical discussions, where we discuss different topics, such as meteorology, weight and balance, briefing, among others, to make our flights increasingly more professional. An opportunity to learn, grow and put aeronautical knowledge into practice.

Jul 6th 2020
From China to USA

We made the longest group flight so far in the history of PIVICO.

  • Leg: Fuzhou, China (ZSFZ) -  New York, USA (KJFK)
  • Time: 14 Hours


31 Dic 2020
Nueva Imagen

Anunciamos nuestra nueva imagen, lo que conlleva un cambio y reestructuración en nuestras operaciones, actualizando nuestro logo, sitio web, procedimientos y redes sociales.