Got Questions?

Welcome to our FAQ, where questions are frequent, and answers are helpful.

…Well, at least we try!…

Excellent question!

Pivico Air is a group of aviation enthusiasts and experts who share their love for flying through the IVAO network. In essence, PIVICO is a virtual airline that allows you to experience the thrill of piloting aircraft in a simulated environment in a more professional manner. What sets us apart is that we have no restrictions on routes or itineraries, nor a specific fleet of aircraft you must fly. At PIVICO, we give you the freedom to choose your own adventure and fly the aircraft you like. However, we expect our virtual pilots to fly professionally and adhere to the network regulations.

Join PIVICO and take off to new horizons

Yes. To be a member of our virtual community, you must be at least 13 years old.

Yes. To be part of PIVICO, it is important to have basic knowledge of virtual flight, such as handling aeronautical communications, basic navigation, meteorology, and basic network connection skills.

You must also have at least the Flight Student (FS2) rank on IVAO.

At PIVICO, we are here to help you improve your virtual flight skills.

In Pivico Air, you need a flight simulator that doesn’t make you feel like you’re playing Tetris. You should use a compatible one such as MSFS2020, Prepar3D, XPlane, FSX, or FS9.

Currently, you don’t have to worry about downloading specific additional programs from the airline.

In addition to a good dose of patience and concentration, you only need the Altitude software to connect to the network and take off with us!

Oh, and perhaps a cup of coffee to keep you awake during those night flights…

Flying on IVAO is mandatory, but if you’re an adventurous pilot, you can try both virtual networks (IVAO / VATSIM).

Your activity in the airline will be tracked through your connections on IVAO.

If you can keep the plane in the air without crashing, then you’re good enough to fly with us at Pivico! But to be more specific, from Flight Student (FS2) onwards, you can fly with us.

You don’t need to be an expert pilot, but a willingness to learn and enjoy the experience of flying in a virtual environment alongside other aviation enthusiasts is essential!

No, but if you don’t speak English, you might feel like you’re in constant turbulence. So, it’s better to prepare for takeoff with a bit of English practice!

In the admission phase, the piston lowers, the valves open, and the air-fuel mixture enters the cylinder…

Oh! Airline admission…

You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the registration form.
  2. If you meet the requirements, you will be called for a brief interview with the staff in our Discord channel.
  3. If you pass the interview, congratulations! You are now part of the Pivico Air family!

At Pivico Air, we value continuous training and collaborative learning.

We conduct periodic talks on a variety of topics, where we share the knowledge and experience of our aeronautical professionals.

While we don’t have formal study materials, our discussions provide a great opportunity to learn and enhance your virtual flying skills.

You can fly whatever you want, just don’t try to fly a bicycle!

But seriously speaking, at Pivico Air, we don’t restrict the choice of aircraft, as long as you have the experience and skills required to operate them and conduct a safe flight.

Of course, our virtual pilots are always expected to demonstrate mastery and knowledge of the aircraft they are flying or training in, so make sure you’re prepared before taking off!

Of course not! In Pivico Air, we love freedom. If you want to fly from Mexico to Antarctica, making stops on every island you find along the way, go ahead! Just make sure to comply with all flight regulations and safety standards. Also, if you want to gain flight hours and increase your rank, it might be a good idea to follow the routes of IVAO tours. But at the end of the day, the decision is yours.

Of course! At Pivico Air, we’re not jealous, and we understand that the love for aviation knows no bounds. If you want to be part of more than one airline, go ahead, but don’t forget about us!

Make sure to fulfill your flight hours and obligations with Pivico Air before taking to the skies with other airlines.

We regularly review your activity with us.

We’ll see you in the cockpit!

¡Of course! Our technical support team is available 24/7 to address all your questions…

Well, actually no, but you can rely on the support of the pilot community, who will surely be willing to help and guide you in whatever you need.

You can get add-ons through us, but only if you are willing to pay us with pizzas or beers….

Joking aside, unfortunately we can’t help you with add-ons, and the only software we deliver to our pilots are the airline textures we provide them with all the love and effort.

Anyway, it can be Hawaiian or Chicken, and a six pack wouldn’t go amiss 😉