¡Welcome to Pivico Air!

The Colombian virtual wings, in the world.

¡Fly with us!
Pivico Air SKRG

¡Bienvenido a Pivico Air!

Las alas virtuales de Colombia, en el mundo.

¡Fly with us!

¡Welcome to Pivico Air!

The Colombian virtual wings, in the world.

¡Fly with us!


PILOTOS VIRTUALES COLOMBIANOS – PIVICO was born on November 11, 2009 from the idea of a group of aviation enthusiasts and professionals whose love of flight simulation motivated the creation of a Colombian community with international projection that shares the same passion.


Over a decade in the virtual skies! We are the oldest Colombian virtual airline in operation.


We take our passion to the highest professional levels possible. Our team includes real pilots, technicians, air traffic controllers, and instructors, who constantly share their knowledge with the group.


We love what we do! From any corner of the world and regardless of age, we develop our aeronautical activity with dedication and vehemence.

Fly Flexible

Not all pilots are the same. Your way of flying shouldn't be either. Find different ways to soar through the clouds, and choose the one that best suits your taste. You even have the option to choose your callsign!


From the basics of flight to more complex concepts, you can find a wealth of knowledge shared frequently by our pilots that you will surely not want to miss.

Hang Out

Be a part of a big family that goes beyond virtual flying. Great experiences are shared every day in our group.

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